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 Richard Karaz- "I'm not just the owner, but a real involved owner, plus I love the business. A big asset to our customers is that I feel that I have a keen way of addressing equipment problems. Perhaps it comes from a long involvement in a variety of endurance sports, mainly bicycle road racing and running road races. Successful athletes come from the right preparation of not
just the body but equipment choices as well. My scars are my tattoos. They tell my story of experience, passion, and determination. Whether it's on my feet or on two wheels, it sure looks like racing is in my blood."
Scott Young- "I bring over thirteen years of athletic shoe fitting experience to our customers and with all our new fitting equipment and fit procedures, I'm continuing to learning more and more new things about gait cycles, foot anatomy, and proper shoe design. My long athletic career in soccer, cycling, running and kayaking give me a greater understanding for applying  
the best footgear for any level athlete. Young or old, beginners or experts, everyone is treated with the same seriousness."
Bosco the talking parrot- "Well, Bosco can't keyboard, but he is a talking African Grey Parrot and he is so well known in the community. Everyone loves him, we do too." 


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